Meghna Prince Toronto bicycle First look & Quick Review

UPDATE: 23 March 2012: Within one month of releasing Toronto the shops hikes the price from 7,000BDT to 12,000BDT. No doubt that this is a very good bike with a price tag of 7000BDT BUT it is no way a good buy if it is more than 8,000BDT. The shops are making good money by cheating the consumer because of the demand of a “Made in Bangladesh” bike. Please do not buy or suggest anyone to buy this bike with double price (distributor price is 5,900/- as per information from different source), better go for a Chinese made good bike like Merida/Bigshoot/Format etc with 10,000-16,000/- range which comes with better component and worth the money spent. [NB: anyway the Meghna bike uses all Chinese component except the frame, padal, tire, tube, spoke, rim and saddle].

Few days back heard from someone that a new model of Meghna MTB bike is now being sold in Bongsal bicycle market which has alloy rim and better component when I was at Bongsal helping a friend buying a reflex granada bike. Was a bit curious and asked friends at BDcyclist Facebook group what are the components spec and other detail. Couldn’t resist the urge to check the bike myself, ordered a home delivery. For the sake of getting all original parts and finely assembled, tuned and the convenience of getting it at my doorstep I had to pay a bit extra money for the Prince Toronto at Taka 7500/-[90$] (300-500 Taka [4$-6$] more than the average market price of 7000-7200 Taka)

Had a small ride with the new bike, need to lower the handlebar. Removing the mudguards and stickers are pending for tomorrow. The bike ride was smooth, very good result for a new bike which was even not lubed properly or braked in yet.

Following are the main difference between Prince Toronto vs. Meghna Reflex Granada / Prince Dakota:

1. Nice Alloy Rim vs. steel rim
2. Alloy V Brake vs. steel plate
3. 7 speed rear cassette and suitable twist shifter vs. 6 Speed
4. 48T chain wheel crank set vs. 42T

Following are the small difference from Prince Toronto vs.Prince Dakota/Reflex Granada:

1. Rear Derailleur FIS vs. Sunrun
2. chain wheel Crank set Amar vs. S&R
3. Tire looks better than the earlier versions.

Detail spec for the new Meghna Prince Toronto:

Weight: Total weight 19KG (1 KG less than the Reflex Granada, Thanks Arun Saha for measuring the weights of the four bikes)
Model name: Prince Toronto
Country of origin: Bangladesh
Accessories included: Front(white) and rear reflector (red), 2x wheel reflector (white), bell
Age group: Young adult plus
Brake lever details: SunRun Alloy levers
Brake type: ALHONGA Alloy V-Brakes
Crankset details: AMAR 48T steel cranks, INDIA
Forks details: 26″ suspension fork
Frame size: 18″ frame
Frame tubing material: Steel
Front brake details: Alloy V-brake
Front derailleur details: Falcon Index System(Most probably MF-22) TAIWAN
Front suspension: Zoom
Gear shifter details: Falcon ENZO twist, TAIWAN
Handle bar details: Steel low rise
stand: JINHENGTONG Center alloy Stand
Number of gears: 21 speed (7×3)
Rear brake details: Alloy V-brake
Rear derailleur details: FIS MR-22(Falcon Index System), TAIWAN
Rear suspension: YH-400D 750lbs/in
Rim details: AERO V Double wall Rim
Saddle: Gents’ MTB saddle, Prince branded
Type: Mountain
Wheel size: 26″ wheel
Tire: Meghna 26×1.95 (54-559) [Designed in USA, Molded in Taiwan]

For review and picture of Meghna Reflex Granada please check here

Few pics of the components:

Alloy Rim

Alloy Brake

Alloy Stand

Brake Leaver

Rear Shifter

Front Shifter

Front Suspension Fork

Crank and Chain wheel

Front Derailleur

7 speed Cassette

Rear gear side

Rear Suspension / socks

Rear Wheel




Wheel Reflector

Rear Reflector

Photo Credit: Meherun Nesa

Update (18th February 2012):

Another variant of the same named bike is also sold in Bongsal at a little low price (7000/- BDT). Following are the difference:
1. It has 6 speed rear cassette and shifters [Sunrun] compared to the 7 speed Falcon.
2. The brakes are not alloy, similar to the old Granada/Dakota.

So while bargaining be careful about which one you are bargaining for.

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