Rajshahi University (RU) Admission test Results 2012-B,H A3, A4, A5, E, D, C Unitt


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Announcement From Rajshahi University (RU).B,H A3, A4, A5, E, D, C Admission Results 2011 available.Candidates who are all expecting this announcement, they can get in their main website. Yes this is a confirmation news only.. result October, December,

Disable Your task manager, cut, paste, copy, delete, re-naming option of files & folders

We are pleased to release Prevent v 1.0, a freeware app which runs on all Windows. If you don’t want anyone deleting or renaming or messing around with your data, maybe your younger sibling, then Prevent may be able to help you.

Run the Prevent installer setup. The installer only places the Prevent folder in the system Program Files folder. A desktop shortcut will also be created. To run the program, click on Prevent. Set your Hot key to stop Prevent. You may set it as Ctrl+P if you wish. Hotkeys Win+F8 kills Pre_1 and Win+F9 kills Pre_2, too. But the single hotkey set by you will kill all Prevent processes at the same time.
Prevent :
1. Stops Cut
2. Stops Paste
3. Stops Copy
4. Stops Delete
5. Stops Copy To
6. Stops Move to
7. Stops Send To
8. Prevents renaming
9. Disables Task Manager‘s End Process button. Also it doesn’t allow you to right click on process name and click on end process. It also grays out the context menu items, disable Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V and/or stops the process.
To uninstall or remove Prevent, use the Uninstaller situated in the Prevent folder, or uninstall it via the Control Panel or simply delete its Program folder.

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Best Bangla Mp3 Songs Of 2013-2014 By Radio Foorti (with Download link)

Best 100 Songs Of 2013 - 2014 By Radio Foorti

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1  Habib – doob  Download
2  Fuad – ektai amar tumi  Download
3  Habib kona – projapoti  Download
4  Lalon – Dukul  Download
5  Fuad feat upol maher – shada kalo  Download
6  Miles – priyotoma  Download
7  Kumar bishojit – choto golpo  Download
8  Shironaamhin – fuley fuley  Download
9  Hridoy khan – ei nishi  Download
10  Shunno – shoto asha  Download
11  Elita mahadi – Hridoy  Download
12  Lalon – Shudha shindhu  Download
13  Shafiq tuhin – er beshi bhalobasha jaina  Download
14  Fahmida rupongkor – ekla lage  Download
15  Habib – moner bhitor  Download
16  Balam – prottakkhan  Download
17  Tausif – durey kothao  Download
18  Milon Mahmud – Shopno Jabe bari  Download
19  Sarah billah – jol sriti  Download
 20  Kishore – jaccho durey  Download
 21  Fuad feat choiti – kagojer nouka  Download
 22  Bappa rupongkor – hobo jhoro haowa  Download
 23  Anan – hridoyer prante  Download
 24  Abida – ja re ja  Download
 25  Upol – dewaler oi  Download
 26  Lalon – Chatok  Download
 27  Bangla – ful choranor pata  Download
 28  Habib – Amar Shukh er shathe  Download
 29  Fuad feat tithi – kon rode mon chilo  Download
 30  Arnob – Prottidhoni  Download
 31  Abida arjun – muniya  Download
 32  Shafiq tuhin – aro beshi bhalobashte chai  Download
 33  Habib – didha  Download
 34  Mila – feere ashli na  Download
 35  Kandari hushiyar – artcell  Download
 36  Brihan – shomporer baashbakko  Download
 37  Shunno – Bedona  Download
 38  Upol – ami chai harate  Download
 39  Fuad shireen – matwali  Download
 40  Arnob – biri  Download
 41  Nirjhor- Jacchi Chere  Download
 42  Upol and friends- Binoyer obotaar  Download
 43  Meghdol- Muthophone  Download
 44  Rafa feat Topu- Tumi chole jao  Download
 45  Elita- Firey Paowa  Download
 46  Chirkut- Katakuti  Download
 47  AKS, Upol and Skibkhan- Thamate Parbe Na  Download
 48  Rajotto- Nogordola  Download
 49  Ahmed Razeeb- Shreyo Tobe  Download
 50  Miftah Zaman – Na Bola Kotha  Download
 51  Porshi – Lojja  Download
 52  Balaam- Ki Nesha  Download
 53  edhun – Icche Moto  Download
 54  Fuad feat Shuvo – Akash  Download
 55  Lalon – Shomoy Gele  Download
 56  Partho – Bhool Kore  Download
 57  Shironamhin – Tumi ki keboli Chobi  Download
 58  Mila – Jatrabala  Download
 59  Bappa – Okaron  Download
 60  Arfin Rumey & Earnnick – Na Bola Bhalobasha  Download
 61  Anan- Bhalobashi  Download
 62  Sarah Billah – Ekaki  Download
 63  Shayan – Agey Jodi Jantam  Download
 64  Hridoy khan – bolna  Download
 65  Fuad feat Shireen – Benaaroshi  Download
 66  Arnob – hok kolorob live  Download

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