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Hatiar - Free Download Largest Band Mixed Album Full 2012

Album : Hatiar - Largest Band Mixed Album By Duray
Artist: VB
Song Format : Mp3
Bitrate : 128 & 320Kbps
Files: 64 Original Tracks
Banner: G-Series
Release Date: 26 Oct 2012

Zipped album link [128Kbps]
Hatiar - Band Mix [CD1].zip
Hatiar - Band Mix [CD2].zip
Hatiar - Band Mix [CD3].zip
Hatiar - Band Mix [CD4].zip


Zipped album link [320Kbps]
Hatiar - Band Mix [CD1].zip
Hatiar - Band Mix [CD2].zip
Hatiar - Band Mix [CD3].zip
Hatiar - Band Mix [CD4].zip


Single Download Link With Single Track List


01. Tepantor.mp3

02. Obosheshe.mp3

03. Ohomika.mp3

04. Shadhin Deshe.mp3

05. Opodebota.mp3

06. Taharat.mp3

07. Odrishsho Grohoraaj.mp3 .

08. Shobdosrot.mp3

09. Slogan.mp3

10. Katatare Badha.mp3

11. A Death Worth Dying.mp3

12. Felani.mp3

13. Shrinkhol.mp3

14. Critix.mp3

15. Livand Logun.mp3

16. Biporit Jibon.mp3


01. Chheleti.mp3

02. Neon Alo.mp3

03. Jalo Aagun.mp3

04. Na.mp3

05. Prerona.mp3

06. Sriti.mp3

07. Aaj Theke.mp3

08. Exit To Existence.mp3

09. Aaspordha.mp3

10. Shadhinota.mp3

11. Ak Ruddho Bhorer Uddhar.mp3

12. Oddhay Obosheshe.mp3

13. Noshto Shomaj.mp3

14. Vul.mp3

15. Shunno Moruddan.mp3

16. Shesh Oddhay.mp3


01. Ayna.mp3

02. Adhare Ar Shokale.mp3

03. Bishonno Bikel.mp3

04. Jaroooj.mp3

05. Okritoggo.mp3

06. Obosheshe.mp3

07. Deep Enough.mp3

08. Durotto.mp3

09. Agamir Agontuk.mp3

10. Rong.mp3

11. Bangladesh.mp3

12. Priyotoma.mp3

13. Joddha.mp3


15. Shopno.mp3

16. Pobitro Paap.mp3


01. Bangladesh.mp3

02. Boishakh.mp3

03. Vabchhi.mp3

05. Osposhto Ondhokar.mp3

06. Bullet Er Epash Opash.mp3

07. Shopnodorshi.mp3

08. Collapse Course.mp3

09. The Dark Philosophy.mp3

10. Chhayabondi.mp3

11. Kuasha.mp3

12. Ondho Krodh.mp3

13. Kolpona Bilash.mp3

14. Ditiyo Shotta.mp3

15. Ke Tumi Kar.mp3

16. Ajob Mitther Jaal.mp3

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