Free Download BootRacer New Version

* New method of calculating "time to desktop" – Desktop Ready. The method is based on the desktop response time. It is not CPU meter related. A user is able to start a program from the Windows desktop or from the start menu.
    * Measure of the user logon waiting time (logon timeout) under Windows Vista/Seven.
    * User login/logoff detection. User switching is supported.
    * Running under non-administrator accounts.
    * New design.
    * New history report with exporting ability to the HTML, DOC, Excel, CSV formats.
    * Added ability to collect the reports in the MySQL and Oracle databases – BootRacer Enterprise.
    * Fixed memory leak bug in the BootRacer service.
    * Fixed bug in the history report.

System Requirements

For using BootRacer you need:

   1. A personal computer with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Seven(32 or 64 bit).
   2. The amount of disk space you need to install BootRacer is approximately 6 MB.
   3. The memory requirements for BootRacer are similar to those for your operating system.


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