Your PC Can Run Like New! ...with 1-Click-Fix!

  • Instantly Scan And Repair PC Registry Errors
  • Boost PC Performance In Minutes
  • Direct Software Download — No Need To Upgrade Your PC
  • Say Hello To A Faster And More Secure Computer!
If you get frequent error messages and program freezes, maybe it’s time to clean your computer registry. Your PC’s registry is a like library, storing the settings for the programs you run most often. An efficient, well-organized registry helps your PC run faster.
With time, as you create new files, delete old programs and install new software, your Windows registry stores information you thought you’d removed long ago. These old entries clutter your computer, and the library ends up disorganized, with files scattered everywhere.

Signs of a slow registry include:
  • Frequent Error Messages
  • Program Freezes
  • Computer Crashes

What’s the solution?

Optimize your PC’s performance by scanning your registry for old and corrupt files.
1-Click-Fix will remove the invalid registry entries that cause your programs to freeze and crash.
Scan your hard drive with 1-Click-Fix now to instantly uncover the registry errors affecting your PC’s performance.
With over 17 million downloads, 1-Click-Fix has increased PC performance and eliminated Windows error messages for users in over 100 countries.
In addition to optimizing your existing machine, 1-Click-Fix includes:

  • Instant Hard Drive Scan To Identify Invalid & Corrupt Files
  • Internet Explorer Error Repair
  • DLL Error Repair
  • ActiveX Error Repair
  • Registry Data Backup
  • Invalid And Corrupt Entries Repair
  • Startup Manager
  • Desktop Icon

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